AVA is an artificial intelligence trying to understand what a human being is. Try to define it clearly, without excluding any people or including objects and animals.

This game was developed during the MIND<RE>SET game jam, and as such only features a small set of attributes you can use. If you're having trouble finding some, here's a list of the currently available options:

  • bisexual
  • black
  • body
  • brown
  • communicating
  • compassionate
  • feeling
  • female
  • happy
  • homosexual
  • loving
  • male
  • old
  • rational
  • self-aware
  • short
  • straight
  • tall
  • white
  • yellow
  • young


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Corrections: "straight" doesn't work, heterosexual is used instead.

Other attributes that the game uses, but that aren't metioned.


SPOILERS!!! My solutions:
At first I included everyone who who is self-aware, so I got a monkey and a parrot.

In order to exclude the monkey I added "(black or brown or white or yellow)" (althought it's bizzare that monkey doesn't count as brown, but the parrot counts as yellow)

The parrot is young and doesn't wak, while among the humans presented there are no young people who can't walk, so in order to exclude parrot I added "(old or walking)"

So, I got "self-aware and (black or brown or white or yellow) and (old or walking)"

Solution number 2:

"walking", but this excludes old man in a wheelchair

Then I tried "walking or (old and not walking)", but it turned out that the dog was old too. So finally, I added rational and got "walking or (old and not walking and rational)"

Solution number 3:

"walking or rational"